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This is the page to bookmark. Remember, you, your colleagues, your co-coders in arms — whether you know them yet or not — are the ones who make up the community and are the true innovators. So keep an eye on this page for news from us, news about .NET, and most important, updates from your peers. Contributors are commended.

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Update on ImageSharp

ImageSharp is a popular .NET project and an important library within our ecosystem. Earlier this year, James South, the leader of the project,…

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Join us for the DNF Summit

Event Reminder

Tomorrow is our 1st DNF Summit on Wednesday July 20, 2022!

Catch the free event live on: www.DNFSummit.orgJoin the conversation or ask questions on…

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Outreach Committee March 2022

Outreach Needs YouAfter a week delay, the Outreach Committee is meeting this Tuesday. If you can make it, we could use your opinions and efforts to help promote .NET…

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Outreach Committee February 2022

Outreach Needs YouAnother month, another Outreach committee. We're planning a new live event and need your help. Please attend if you can volunteer your time to help…

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Outreach Committee January 2022

Outreach Needs YouNew year, new you? If you're passionate about .NET and are ready to help the .NET Foundation's Outreach Committee achieve it's goals, then it's time…